Energy of divine force, instantly generating energy of the divine. Used to accelerate the energy of the divine in the body. Recommended for energy, healers, light workers, and sensitive people that are in divine alignment with creation.

This will enhance psychic abilities beyond the limits of the mind. 
Use with combined meditation and the mantra:  
OH - NA - MI -YO - NA - MA
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The sacred energy of divine union on the seventh plane enhances the connection between the divine and the crown chakra.

Utilize this to open and amplify your connection with the source energy, fostering a cosmic union with benevolent stars and the divine. Love and unity radiate as pure and sacred.
Place above the bed to enhance crown, chakra Activation and opening. Will assist with migraines and headaches.
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Unveiling the secrets of the high octave, nestled within intricate codes and the divine's sacred energy.
This will awaken the inherent wisdom of the Law of The One within your being.
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The vibration of the Elohim. Mudayani is the sacred energy of divine love in the 7th plane. Mudayani will enhance unity consciousness in the body.
Use to enhance the balance divine masculine and feminine polarity within the heart chakra and divine union in the seventh plane.
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The amplification of unity within the heart and soul fosters a profound connection with divine love and the creator.
This union signifies the unification of heart and soul, aligning with the source of love across heavens and earth.
Employ this for the sacred unity within your heart and soul, facilitating harmony with the divine. Position it in a space where you deeply feel and connect with your heart and soul.

Beneficial for fortifying your relationship with yourself, soul family, and cultivating love.
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Sing and pray with “Miyana Meleka”.
Embodies the energy of the heart, serving as a beautiful reminder to play, sing, dance, and engage in creative artistry while fostering cosmic connections with the divine.
Particularly beneficial for creatives - artists, musicians, dancers, cosmic creators, and channelers.
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Holy heart and divine union. The sacred one of the holy heart.
This is the energy of holy love and divine unity. This shall attract love and holy union within the heart.
So within, so without.
Use for enhancement of love, devotion, union, sacred love and desire in a higher octave.
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This holds codes of time travel in a high octave. Time is nonlinear. Time is the illusion of the mind. Time is accessible in every dimension past or future, and can be accessed with divine technology.
This is the divine technology in an energy sense. This will enhance time travel in the quantum field, and can be used as a portal of love to access, divine codes to travel in time.
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The divine manifest in the body. Grants life and high vibration to the physical body. For the feminine this enhances the energy of the divine in the womb.
For the masculine it enhances creativity and vitality.
Recommended for couples trying to conceive, womb healing, good for fertility and exhilarating young vital energy in the womb.
Supports a healthy environment in the womb to birth life and
heal and prevent birth trauma.
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This energy embodies the warrior codes of ancient eastern tribe members, steeped in the civilization of the east, ancient waters of the south, and the sanctity of northern holy waters.
It symbolizes the spiraling currents of ancient waters transcending time, healing the depths of past lives and ancient sorrows.
A powerful ally for profound emotional healing and transformation.
Submerge it in water and infuse its energy through the sound of the mantra:
"Andara, Tomera Duraya shade kume tora Duve"
for purification of the emotional waters of the north and south.
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This mantra serves to clear subconscious limiting beliefs, bringing them to the surface of your consciousness for release into a higher state of love.
It aids in reprogramming the collective consciousness and healing outdated limiting beliefs.
Employ it to harmonize your relationship with yourself and others, connecting beliefs to consciousness through love and harmony.
It's effective for clearing toxic limiting beliefs causing blockages in relationships, love, addictive tendencies, and self-sabotage. Utilize it for manifesting love, abundance, health, vitality, healing, and spiritual growth.
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Embodies the sacred essence of singing and dancing, serving as a divine expression. It activates the sacred dance within, embracing the profound connection between the womb and the divine essence.
Ideal for lovers, tantra practices, divine marriages, and self-union, it aids in mastering divine love within and beyond oneself. Employ it in sacred rituals dedicated to divine love, union, marriage, and harmonious alignment with the one, holy, and true divine essence."
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Sage of the time. Stage of refuge and galactic warriors of RA. RA and the galactic force of ancient teachings of the one.
When is all of the encompass of the truth of the Holy Spirit. Truth of the one is the ancient wind, the sound of water, the healing and trees and the life force of fire, all coalescing into a powerful force of nature and healing. Use this as a source of nature, to breathe the trinity of the divine, masculine, feminine and divine with the force of nature of the mother and father - the one.
Good for blessings of Abundance,
Bliss, Balance, and peace within. Good fortune, and intelligence.
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The divine encoded lines are the holy trinity, masculine, feminine and divine. The codes of existence on the earth plane.
To enhance life in the physical vessel use the secret lines of holy unity, in the life of the human body.
Recommended for pregnancy, fertility, empowering the sacred masculine seed and reproduction of the one in human form.
To enhance life in the physical repeat the mantra 10 times in the morning and 10
times at night to enhance life force energy in the body .

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Intuitive knowing of the divine. The sacred, knowing of the one. The intimacy between the body and spiritual wisdom of the great divinity of the one.
Enhances, psychic abilities, intuition, great for spiritual seekers, witches, wizards, holy priest, and priestesses and Healers.
For best results place in a
space for this art in a place where you rest and meditate. Can be placed on an alter or place of prayer and harmony with the divine. Sing, pray, and dance is the wisdom of creation.
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For divine love, unity, holy Grace, and enhancement of the great Beloved in the heart chakra.
Place in the bedroom for harmonizing love, unity, divine
partnership, and holy matrimony within the sacred heart.

An ally to heal past wounds and strengthens love in the heart chakra. For best results place above the bed, healing room or living room.
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Holy light and divine energy and the Temple of RA. RA is the energy of the light in the high octave. The divine is light. Light is energy and energy is infinite.
Infinity is the way of light and love. All love and light is beyond mind, beyond limitation of the self. This energy is the divine light without the limitations of the
This energy will release limiting beliefs around source energy, religion, deep programming, and conditioning, and will liberate the self within the infinite light
of all that is.
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Sing the heart song of your divine heart.
The energy of enlightenment of the divine heart song in the seventh plain. Opens the voice and the universal intelligence of the sacred song of the heart. Assist sound healing, breath, work,
and meditative practices of the throat chakra, and third eye.
Used for activating sacred songs and wisdom of your unique voice.
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Frequency of compassion, holy grace, unity, love, consciousness. Strengthens compassion, love and forgiveness.
Teaches you the energy of forgiveness and letting go. Healing old connections that hold grief and hatred and clears Karma with past love and resentment. This is the energy of compassion, releasing
energy of betrayal and rejection in the womb and your lineage.
An ally for break ups, separations, sudden losses and unresolved energy in partners and relationships. Use in a room with the most sunshine to enhance the energy of compassion.
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Divine energy of the secret union of the mother, father, masculine, and feminine sun and moon, positive and negative and divine oneness.
Sacred love, holy Grail, union within, infinite, love and potential of all existence destiny at play in harmony of lovers. Enhances divine unions on the earth plane.
Good for healers light workers on the secret path of holy purity clears, blockages between divine souls of the one and holy.
For best results place in a bedroom. Will assist with
divine love and Union on the Earth plane.
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Absorbs energy of lower vibration in your home and body and transmutes the energy back to creation. Works as energy purifier for your body at home.
Place in the main living area in your home to protect the household and relationships within the home. Good for harmonizing family relationships, and balancing the
energy at home or workspace. An ally for harmonizing business, business partnerships, cocreator’s, collaborations, good for energy, healers, and sexual
May also enhance intuition and wisdom, and the third eye. Use for
divine purification in the home and work space.
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Strengthens, listening, abilities, aids, and hearing loss and promotes healthy communication and relationships, and teaching the ears to use their whole structure and earlobes to listen and relate to one another in the highest and best
Good for solving conflict between spouses family, collective conflicts, religious conflict, sexual orientation, conflict, and disrupts behavior patterns relating to speaking and listening.
For best results meditate in front of the art for five minutes a day with open eyes letting your mind and subconscious absorb the codes of divine communication. This will clear blockages in the ears and
harmonize speech an expression of divine love and light.
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Ride the wave of light to a high octave of divinity in the plains of existence. Create the reality you desire. Play the quantum field of all that is and exist because you desire see and feel. The divine portal of creation in mind, body, soul and heart. Enhances, psychic abilities, forces future timelines, creates wishes into existence, births, hopes, and dreams into the material realm on earth.
A great ally, in relating between quantum of matter, physical and ether, thoughts, and the word of the one. Best for manifesting dreams and conscious thought of the high end to physical existence. Created for the pure hearted children of the divine. The enlightened hearts, and pure souls of creation. Works
best with light bodies that are purified and divine.
Recommended to use for
manifesting goodness into existence. Light over dark. Life over death. Love over hatred. Compassion over greed. Abundance over survival. Expression over apathy. Feelings over numbness. A catalyst of light on the Earth plane.
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Warrior of the heart, protector of the divine, ruler of love. God and goddess of sacred unity. Beloved uniting as one. Holy matrimony, in the heart of the one. Warrior of the lights, protector of the secret kingdom, holy divine and true.
Recommended for sacred warriors of the light. Healers, dancers, martial arts, yoga, songwriters and prayer offerings. Recommended for temples and holy spaces for energy work. Can also be placed in a home for High Vibrational energy.
Using a room where is most secret to your heart. Will bless with peace and bliss and love.
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